Dive Anesthesia On the go....

CEs Anytime/Anywhere

You choose your destination and dates. You will receive documentation which includes listing Course Title, Location, Dates, Tuition Paid and Credits Earned. 

5 CEs / 10 CEs / 15 CEs

You can choose how many CEs you would like to complete in bundles of 5. Each bundle is unique and you can do a bundle now and another at another time.

How it works

You will receive course packets via download or mail. Once completed, you send them back to us to be graded. We will then mail your documentation (Receipt, Confirmation Letter, Certificate of Participation and Transcripts) to you. 


Dive Anesthesia wants to make CEs affordable and we are VERY competitive with our pricing. Save when purchasing more than one bundle at the time of purchase:

Single Bundle: $200

Bundle of 2: $350

Bundle of 3: $450

Course Topics

Our topics will cover HOT topics in Anesthesia. We welcome suggestions, so please don't hesitate to email us at diveanesthesia@gmail.com! Course topics will be listed once CEs are approved.

Not a scuba diver?

Not a problem! You don't have to be a scuba diver to complete our courses. We offer separate diving conferences for those interested in joining us on a scuba adventure.



ERAS Bundle - Now Available!


Pediatric Bundle

Pediatric Bundle


Airway Bundle

Airway Bundle


Obstetrics Bundle